It’s All About Grace


Grace’s Message

You may note this story is pasted under “Grace’s Message.”   That is because it is a story about grace, the Grace of God that carries us through the storm.

Dad’s Generation

In retrospect, I understand my parents were just people on this journey of life, trying to do their best.   Back when they were young there was little talk therapy, support groups, or even antidepressants.   Men of Dad’s generation were World War II veterans, survivors of horror and creators of a new world order.

My father did not go around speaking his heart, he lived out his beliefs.  Sometimes he stumbled, sometimes he sinned – we all do.  There is no righteous or perfect person on this broken earth.  We are only made right through Jesus.

Those Women-Libbers!

Despite Dad’s talk about “women-libbers” (which got more pronounced as Lewy took over), he was way ahead of his time in promoting women in many ways.  He was proud of his daughters, of their accomplishments in both work and at home.

He helped rescue at least one woman from an abusive husband.  He gave a woman with cancer my bicycle, so she could enjoy her last months with her scarf blowing in the wind.   A woman with a painful and broken background helped keep his glass grinding and sign making business straight when he couldn’t.  (She helped me find the “lost pot”!)

To Be More Like Him

I am like my Dad in many ways, a stoic Norwegian, weathering the storms of life.   Somewhat of a workaholic, I am compulsive and committed to whatever I take on.  I also strive to be like him in other ways – generous and forgiving.

Throughout his life, whatever the storm, Dad loved God and strove to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Thank you

Thank you to my sisters, Terri, Linda and Patty, my best female friends, that walked this journey with me.  Thank you for the pictures, for clarifying events, and a special thank you to Terri for being my editor/proofreader.  (Any typos are my doing after Terri did her job!)

Thank you to my husband John for always being there for me, for having hot meals after I returned from nursing home visits, for holding me when cried and for all the times he took my parents to doctor appointments or other errands.

Thank you to my sons Lee and Corey, who are always there to hold up their mom.

Thank you to you, my readers.

Let’s Keep In Touch!

  • If you liked reading “Dancing With Lewy”, or you have comments or suggestions, please share them with me.
  • If you’d like me to come to an event and talk about my experiences as a caretaker, please get in contact with me at  I have created a special self-assessment tool for caregivers, email me if you’d like a copy.
  • If you know a story about my Dad, or have your own story about dementia, I  welcome guest bloggers.   Let me know.


Most of all, thank you for coming with me on this difficult journey.



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