Lewy, Lewy, Out of Hiding


I recall the Nancy Reagan-era commercials – “This is your brain” [picture of brain].  “This is your brain on drugs” [a fried egg].  Along that line, the left one is a brain.  The right one is a brain all shook up with Lewy Body dementia.


Dad got slowly, progressively more debilitated as time went on.

His shuffled down the halls.

His speech was increasingly hesitant.   It was getting harder and harder for him to put sentences together.

“What day to it?”

“Are I going today?”

“I need the store.”  He didn’t take the bus any more, we would drive him to where he wanted to go.

No More Jokes

Dad told one of my sisters he didn’t want to go down to meals anymore, because “The other guys have stories. I can’t anymore tell.”

Oh, the heartache Lewy was bringing our family.   The red area is a picture of Lewy bodies.


Lewys grow slowly in the brain, killing off the good cells.  Lewy is insidious.

Lewy was only going to make things worse soon.

Pictures of Dad with his sisters Beverly and Kate, and Patty and Dad in the Fall of 2010, right before the big incident. 

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