I Can’t Breathe!



I received a call at work. “I’m having a lot of trouble breathing” my mother gasped.

She had one of those emergency call systems. “Push the button on your necklace!”  I told her.

The ambulance brought her to the local hospital.  Her lung had collapsed, seemingly for no reason.  As I was driving to the hospital, wouldn’t you know, “Praise You in This Storm,” by Casting Crowns came on the radio.

I heard God whisper to me in the storm, “She will die from lung collapse.”

Really?  Did God speak to me again?  She didn’t die, not yet anyway.  They fixed up her lung and sent her home.

Is the Cancer Back?

None of us sisters were thrilled about my mother’s choice of physicians.  But she was enthralled with Dr. Bunker, and none of us dared suggest she switch.   I had several conversations with Dr. Bunker about my mother’s health through those final years.

I researched “Renal Cell Carcinoma” on the internet and learned when it metastasized, the first place it goes is to the lungs.  I called Dr. Bunker and asked, “Could this possibly be the cancer spread to her lungs?”  He replied, “That’s a good question, but no, we don’t see any indication of cancer from the X-rays.”

I had a random conversation with a top oncologist on an airplane regarding my mother’s cancer.  He highly recommended we take her to an oncologist, immediately.   We didn’t.  She was over 80 years old, and seemingly doing fine after her lung was re-inflated.

Mother returned home from the hospital, and their steady state continued – well maybe with a slight downward slope.


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