Medical Assistance

Concerns about Medical Costs

I still had concerns about money and looked for ways to get their medical premiums paid.

While on Medicare, nearly $100 a month for Medicare premiums came out of their Social Security checks. In addition, they had to pay between $150 – $200 a month for their supplemental medical plans.

County Application

I filled out the county paperwork for Medical Assistance.  To apply you need all sorts of records, such as birth certificates, military records, marriage and divorce papers, bank records, home sale reports, car titles, and much, much more.  Here is a link for a great list:

Senior Planning Checklist

Call to Action:   See if your loved one has all their important documents in one place.   Help them organize this information.   Get all your important paperwork together in one place!

They did not qualify as they had too many assets. (Too many assets being greater than $3,000.)   However, when I finally completed all this paperwork for my dad to obtain Medical Assistance several years later, I had all the information ready.

Tracking Finances

I continued to carefully watch their income and expenses, making spreadsheets and carexcelefully tracking their finances.   My mother was a great partner in this endeavor, until almost the end of her life she was very careful with money, a very good accountant, and carefully kept track of their important papers.

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