Surrounded by Wolves


Dad told me a shorter version of this story on the way to work one day.  I wasn’t sure if it was believable, until I found a copy of the story in a letter Dad wrote to his niece in 1984.    I wonder if any of the Clabo cousins know if this really happened??


(My) Great Grandma Johanna and Grandpa Halfdan Clabo, first generation immigrants from Norway, farmed in Grygla, Minnesota.  Great Grandpa Halfdan went to Minneapolis to work, leaving Great Grandma Johanna to tend the family on a little hard rock, tamarack, swampy farm, with a few cattle, chickens, etc.

There were a lot of huge timber wolves then, and still are [in 1984].  One night when  Johanna went to get the cows in, the wolves started circling them and closing in.  The cattle went wild and started running for the barn.  Johanna grabbed a heifer by the tail and sailed along over the landscape.

Otherwise she may have gone the Little Red Riding Hood Route.


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