They Called Her “Ma”

Dad (left) with brothers      Vern and Watson

Itchy Pants!

One more story on my dad’s young years.

Church on Sunday was mandatory.  The girls got to wear their dresses, and the boys pulled on their itchy wool pants.  If the kids wriggled too much “Ma” (Grandma Ella) would pull their ears.  But mostly she just had to give them “the look”.

I can just picture her surrounded by her kids, keeping them all in line.


A tradition in our family is making Norwegian lefse on holidays.  Lefse is made from potatoes, cream, butter and flour, is rolled out thin and grilled.   We always sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on this delicacy.

My only person that could beat my dad in lefse-making was his mom, my grandma Ella.  I remember one time when my grandma was in her 80s, and my dad was in his 60s.  He was rolling out the lefse when she grabbed the rolling pin from him and said “No Lee -like this – thinner!”  I believe this is a picture of that occasion.


Here is a poem he wrote about his mother.


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